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this is my favorite vine

is this assassin’s creed 4



"Thanks to a buoyant stock market, the richest people in the U.S. just keep getting richer. That has made it harder than ever to join the ranks of the 400 wealthiest Americans. The price of entry to The Forbes 400 this year is $1.55 billion, the highest it’s been since Forbes started tracking American wealth in 1982. Last year it took $1.3 billion to score a spot. Because the bar is so high, 113 U.S. billionaires didn’t make the cut."

the first and the last sentences
oh no 113 billionaires weren’t rich enough to make it onto the list :// tragic

Is this rich people news? cause I feel like this is something only rich people care about

oh wait

They do

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koipatches replied to your post “koipatches replied to your post: dominoes all I did was order ice…”

BUT YOU COULD GO TO THE STORE AND GET IT TEN TIMES FASTER AND CHEAPER!!?? and I’ve never noticed the e before??!?

Stores in scotland all close at like 10 ;__; the uk doesnt believe in 7/11s…

oh holy shit, I didn’t know you lived half way around the world from me.

If it was possible I would send you some, though by the time they get to you they’d be melted ;w;